Registration fee is only $10.00!!!!

Printing Tags:

  1. If you cannot print your tags after you have entered your items we will print them for you for a $3.00 fee.
  2. When you register a consignor number will be assigned to you.  This will make sorting for pick up much easier and.

Pricing Guidelines:

  1.  Mainly ask yourself “what would I pay for this item?”
  2.  Normally the cheaper you price your items the better they sell, take into account appearance, age, and brand. Just remember, if it doesn’t sell you have to come back and pick it up or donate it.
  3. Items in great condition can typically be priced 30%-50% of what new retail price is. Also brand makes a difference on pricing (boutique and name brand sell for more if they are in great condition). Items that are new in box or with tag sell for more naturally, 60%-75%.
  4. Clothes that are neatly hung on the hanger sell better. Make sure they are washed, ironed, and hung nicely.


Preparing your Items:

  1. Use wire hangers.  Plastic hangers will break and clothing will end up on the floor.
  2. Make sure all clothes are clean, wrinkle free, no holes, zippers work, no missing buttons and odor free.
  3. All toys must have all pieces. Toys with small pieces can be placed in baggies and secured to the larger toy.
  4. Check the batteries in all toys. Toys that are not working will not sale. Consignors will be charged $1.00 for each battery that Lots 4 Tots have to replace.
  5. When hanging clothes the hanger needs to face left when you are looking at the front of the clothes. See picture below.

6.  Pants, shorts and skirts should be secured to hangers using safety pins pinned to the top part of the hanger.

7.  To avoid damaging clothing pin the tag on at a seam or through the tag on the clothing.

8.  Clothing sells better on a hanger than in a bag.

9.  To hang 2 or 3 piece outfits put the 1st item on the hanger and hang the rest of the outfit behind the         1st piece with the pin going around the hanger so that all the weight is on the hanger and not on the clothes.  See picture below.


Items needed: white cardstock, safety pins, clear masking tape, scissors, clear freezer baggies and zip ties.

All of our tagging is done online with MyConsignmentManager. You must first create an account and register for our sale to use this system.

  1. In the description field give as much detail as possible.
  2. The discount box on the tagging page is optional. If you click this box then your  item will be automatically discounted 50% on half-price day. Most consignors sell more if they discount their items.
  3. The donate box is also optional. If you click this box then your unsold items will be donated to a local charity.  If this box is not checked then you will be responsible to pick up your unsold items on pick-up day.

If you leave this tab or are timed out of the system all of the items at the bottom of the page will disappear.  DO NOT WORRY.  They are still in the database and can be assessed via the Manage Inventory Screen.


Printing Tags:

  1. Use only cardstock not regular paper.  Tags printed on regular paper will rip and tear easily during the sale.
  2. Use the selection box to generate a list of tags to print.  Tags will print 8 to a page.
  3. Click on “Check All” to save time and download all entered items.
  4. If you have logged in via the links on the Lots 4 Tots website you will not need to enter a print code.  Should you need a print code, refer to the email you received after registering.  Call or text us if you need help.
  5. Click on the link ending in PDF that is inside the box. Only click once. You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.
  6. If you see an error on your tags, discard the PDF file, back out and fix any errors before printing.
  7. Use a normal print setting.  If the print is too light or too dark the barcodes will not scan correctly.
  8. If you have a colored printer choose “black cartridge only”.
  9. Cut tags apart.
  10. Safety pin tags to clothing on the upper right side when clothes are facing you.  Put a piece of tape over the safety pin.  This keeps the pin secure and from tearing a hole in the clothing.
  12. We can NOT accept handwritten tags or tags with no barcode.
  13. Tape tags to other items such as toys, items in baggies and shoes. Do NOT put tape over stickers that are on toys.




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