What We Accept

Accepted Items:

  1. Children’s clothing-sizes preemie to teen/16
  2. Baby equipment
  3. Bikes/Scooters
  4. Big plastic toys
  5. Sports equipment
  6. Computer games
  7. Toys
  8. Games
  9. Shoes(in like new condition)
  10. DVD movies
  11. Books
  12. Kids furniture
  13. Dolls/Barbies and accessories
  14. Kids room accessories/decor
  15. Pictures
  16. Cars/Riding toys
  17. School Spirit Wear
  18. Dance/Gymnastics/Karate items
  19. Bathing suits/swim trunks/coverups
  20. Bedding/linens
  21. Playhouses
  22. Outdoor toys
  23. Educational toys
  24. Pool toys
  25. Maternity clothes-your 10 best
  26. Sunday dresses/pageant dresses/suits


This year: We are accepting 15 of your best household goods! No used appliances.


  • Items must have all parts and pieces. Place small parts in zip-lock bags and securely tape to the item. We are not responsible for lost parts.
  • Batteries are required for any item that takes a battery.  You will be charged $1 for each battery installed by Lots 4 Tots
  • You can safety pin the tag to the cloth part on strollers, car seats and bouncy chairs.
  • Motorized jeeps and cars must have charged and working batteries.


Not accepted:

  1. Clothing with any stains, tears or missing buttons.
  2. No fleece, velour, velvet, corduroy or flannel in the spring sale.
  3. Smoky/musty/moth ball smelling items.
  4. Vacation or date specific items.
  5. Camp shirts
  6. Used underwear or training pants
  7. VHS tapes
  8. Toys without working batteries
  9. Stuffed animals
  10. “R” rated movies
  11. Breast pumps
  12. Any recalled items
  13. Car seats or boosters older than 5 years
  14. Any baby equipment over 5 years old
  15. Drop side cribs
  16. McDonald toys


NOTE: All clothing will be inspected when you drop it off.  Thank you for understanding if we reject any of your items, we try to make this sale the best it can be so that people will return and you sell more items.

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