Vendor Agreement

Lots 4 Tots Kids Consignment Sale
Vendor Contract
2018 Spring/Summer Sale

Note: Due to the limited number of slots, all slots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
I, the Vendor, contract as follows:

  1. I will pay the specified amount for a space of 10 feet at the Lots 4 Tots Kids Consignment Sale. This fee is nonrefundable.
  2. The fee MUST BE PAID before setting up your items.
  3. If I leave my items, I am leaving them with the understanding that Lots 4 Tots and anyone associated with the sale, are not liable for anything beyond their control: including but not limited to fire, tornado, flood, theft, loss, damages, etc.
  4. I understand that Lots 4 Tots will not pay any of my expenses incurred during the Consignment Sale.
  5. Lots 4 Tots will not receive any compensation from the items sold at my booth UNLESS I contract with Lots4Tots to have my items run through the Lots 4 Tots register. To make such an arrangement, I will contact Kim Barr at (502)-220-5789 or at prior to the sale.
  6. Set up times for my booth are as follows: Tuesday, March 13th, Any time from 3pm-6pm or Wednesday through Friday, March 14th-March 16th, 10am -11am and Saturday, March 17th, 8am-9am (I will contact lots4tots if this time does not work).
  7. Lots4Tots will provide a table and chairs for my booth. I will be responsible for setting up my table and for cleaning my vendor space following the sale. I will determine the amount of time I spend at my booth. My booth will be removed from the sale by 7:00pm on Saturday, March 17th.
  8. I will send my signed contract & check (made payable to Lots 4 Tots) to:

1491 Cat Ridge Rd, Waddy, KY 40076

Questions? Contact Kim Barr (502)-220-5789 or email at


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