Guidelines for Volunteers:

  1.  No young children are allowed to attend with you as this will distract you from the tasks you are assigned, if you have a child that would like to come with you and you feel is responsible enough to handle a light task then they are welcome but don’t count as extra hours for you.
  2. If you can not work the shift you signed up for you must find a replacement or a $20 fee will be taken from your profits at the end of the sale. We understand an emergency, this is strictly for no shows.
  3. If you work during a lunch or dinner hour you are welcome to bring food. There is a kitchen area with a fridge, freezer and microwave.  Bottled water will be available at every shift for free.
  4. You must arrive 10 minutes early to receive instructions on the station you will be working.
  5. If you are not a consignor, you must complete your volunteer shift(s) before the volunteer pre-sale in order to attend the pre-sale.
  6. We never turn down volunteers!! Volunteer for 1 shift or 10!
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